Not touched since OCT 2 nvc

Case is in the nvc now, submitted aug 12. Had to resubmit police, penal & judical reports, rejected with no reason as well as no guidance on what was wrong. Even the message response to my inquiry stated its incorrect. Had police cert(int'l), penal & judical translated in english. Only thing is i may have put them in the bucket police cert(peru). They were resubmitted on oct 2 in which i assume are the proper buckets now. However, i submitted a new messaging inquirying on my case status as it has not been touched since the denial (sept/oct). On top of this the peru embassy is about 18 month wait time for interviews. Meanwhile, im here in peru burning through savings with my dual US/Peru citizen son while we wait. Any thoughts or hints?

Fyi my wife was denied a tourist visa in feb 2020 before we where married, so that is likely out of the question.

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