Wife left me 6 months after moving to the US and receiving her GC

I posted this on r/Divorce as well. I met my wife abroad and we have been married over five years. I stayed abroad with her for a significant portion of the marriage and only moved back to the states recently since I got a job. This past spring she was able to move to the US to join me and get her green card.

I know that I signed the I-864 (Affidavit of Support), but the thing is she earns significantly more than me. I am not going to claim green card fraud on her part, but in hindsight it seems that once she settled in she would start thinking about moving on.

Most of the posts regarding the I-864 assume the alien spouse is the lower wage earner, but in my case it's the exact opposite. I haven't read anything that resembles my particular situation, so if anybody had any thoughts on this it will be much appreciated. I understand that I will need to speak with an attorney but it's midnight and unable to sleep so I'll do that first thing in the morning!

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