Wife got her O3 visa with only 3 months validity

Hi everyone,

My wife and I applied together for a O1 (me) and O3 (her) visa. We got approved and received our passeport with visas.

The expiration date of my O1 visa is on sept. 2024

The expiration date of my wife's O3 is on march 2022.

Now I'm not sure what does it mean exactly. The agent at the embassy told us that the 3 months validity it's because she has a Chinese passport.

But what does it mean for her stay in the US after March. 2022? Does anyone has a similar experience and more informations to share?

Our plan is to stay together in the US for at least the validity of my O1, now we're wondering if her visa's validity has an impact on tis.

Thanks for your feedback.

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