What is the best way to immigrate into the USA in my case?


I'm currently participating in a double engineering bachelors degree between Germany und the USA. That means I will go to school in Wisconsin for 13 months beginning next September and graduate in America. My plan is to live in Wisconsin with my girlfriend who is an American citizen, living in NC and move with her back to NC after my graduation.

Now we are both concerned, that I won't be able to stay after my graduation. There is this OPT, which will allow me to stay in the USA for 12 more months working or doing an internship in a to my degree related field after my graduation. But how hard will it be for me to find a company in NC that will sponsor my visa? Is there another way, except of marriage, to immigrate or at least stay for a longer period until I find a company? How hard will it be for me to get a green card?

I'd be really thankful for some help.

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