What are some signs someone married you for a green card?

We’ve been married for a year. She’s well educated and has great friends in Canada. I’m from the US.

We both did our paperwork for the respective countries. The US green card interview is coming up. Only thing is, we just don’t really get along that well.

I feel as though she is just stressed or upset at me all the time. Like there is always a task to do or I can do something better. She’s not very affectionate, hasn’t said I love you in awhile and our sex life is diminishing.

I just feel we have lost the passion of fun…I’m wondering if the relationship is worth it

But now the US green card medical exam and interview is coming up…I don’t want be getting screwed for a green card…but am also afraid of divorce.

I mentioned it once before and she said I was sick in the head or have a mental illness

Again, she has great friends, is well educated and independent. I just don’t want to get taken advantage of…or is she fighting for the relationship?

What are some signs?

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