Visa process after interview taking too long- El Salvador

Hello I was wondering if someone could answer some questions.

My dad had his Visa Interview on 9/22/21 in El Salvador, however the doctors doing the medical examination were so behind that the earliest date they could get him in was 10/5. Now my dad is not the only one who had this issue and the consulate knows. On the date of the interview they asked him for a divorce certificate from his previous marriage which he didnt have, he was told to upload it and sent it when ever he did his medical examination.

The CEAC visa status page was updated four times in october 10/7,10/14,10/27,10/27 but it still showed as refused. It wasn't until tuesday (12/7) that I entered the case that I realized my dad did not submit the documents but only uploaded them. So my question is, how long would it take those documents to be processed?

I read on this facebook group of people from el salvador going through similar process and some have said that they get approved after a week or so. Also in that page some people said they were able to expedite the process by getting a letter from a local government office, like a mayor, saying that the process is taking too long and this person needs to come back. Does anyone know how to do this? Or know an estimate on how long this process will take? We are starting to struggle financially and I had to pick up extra shifts to help out with rent and I at least want to know how long this will take as i am also a college student.

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