USA O3 - L1B visa - questions and doubts

Hello, I hope you can help me with my doubts.

My husband (Belgian) got a O1 visa and, as his spouse, I (Italian) will get an O3 so that I can be able to live with him in USA. I understand that O3 does not allow me to work, however, my company would like to apply for a L1B visa transfer, since we do have an office in USA and I've been working with this company for almost three years now.

Do you know how long this will take? Or can I enter USA with my tourist ESTA and work for Belgium for 90 days and then leave USA and then re-enter again until the whole L1B process is approved? Or is it illegal?

Thanks for helping! My HR does not know a lot about this and keeps pushing me to my husband immigration counselors (but they work for him, not for me :P).

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