US on H1B vs Canadian Work Visa & PR down the road

I am an Indian national, 26M. I have been working with an multinational insurance firm as an Data Scientist for the past 2 years. Last year - March 2020, they offered to bring me overseas to US on an H1B in Philadelphia, with a good package. However, the Trump administration rejected my H1B application (after being selected in the lottery) on the grounds that I do not have the correct degree. The firm's lawyers however contested this decision, with a possible outcome in the next one -two years.

In May 2021, I was offered to come to the Toronto branch of the firm, on the same package, and my Canadian work visa was filed on June 7. This would lead to me receiving a PR after 2-3 years stay in Toronto. I preferred this route, because of the hassles that one faces on an H1B, and the path to Canadian citizenship down the road. Since I am an indian national, Green card is next to impossible for me right now.

In July 2021, my H1B decision was reversed. I was able to secure an interview and my passport was stamped in Mid September 2021.

However right now, my Canadian work visa is still in process(my biometrics and medicals have been processed), with a tentative result date of End Feb 2022. I would be okay with waiting normally, but with coronavirus rearing its head again, I am wondering if I should just go to the US on the H1B? The coronavirus leads to embassies being shut, the processing time goes up by months.

I have been told that once I go the US, my Canadian work application will be void. They told me that if I want, they will shift me to Canada after 2-3 years. I am not sure if I will be working with them by then?

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