I would like to inquire about the police clearance certificate requirement regarding immigrant visas to the United States. I am currently in the process of waiting for an interview to be scheduled with the U.S Embassy and I understand that one of the required documents that the embassy asks for is a police clearance certificate from every country that I resided in for more than 6 months. During 2020, my family and I took a trip that was initially supposed to last for 2 weeks but ended up staying for roughly around 6 months because the airport was shut down and no flights were leaving that country due to Covid-19.I spoke with my immigration lawyer and he basically said that I would have to get a police clearance certificate from that country. With that being said, when we returned to the country I reside in, I visited the aforementioned country’s embassy and asked if I could be issued a police clearance certificate to submit to the U.S Embassy but I was told because I was not a resident of that country and that I was only a tourist and the mere fact that I had to stay there for roughly around 6 months was because the airports were shut down due to Covid-19 did not merit me a police clearance certificate. With that being said, I checked the required documents at travel.state.gov to see if it talks about anything about my situation but have found nothing. If anyone is able to help me out that'd be awesome.


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