US Embassy London - H1-B Stamping Experience

Just had my H1-B visa stamping appt today and wanted to share my experience to reassure anyone else making the trip to get theirs soon. I have been in H1-B status in the US since 2020 and was on F-1 and OPT before that. Was a little nervous to come and get my stamp as obviously I wouldn't be able to go back home to US if it got cancelled or covid shut things down again.

Had 8am appt today, got there and lined up at about 7.45 and was out by 8.45 - very smooth process and the quickest I have been in and out of the embassy ever (this is my 5th visa type!). I usually get nervous as some embassy officers can be unnecessarily harsh but the two women I interacted with were super nice and friendly. Of course I brought the mountain of paper work and passport photos they ask you to bring but did not get asked for any of it - all I needed was the D-160, my passport and the I-797. Got asked 3-4 very easy questions and that was it. First time at the new embassy too and its super nice.

Things very much seem business as usual there so I wouldn't worry if you also have an appt coming up. As far as passport return timeline was told 3-5 days and then about 2 days for shipping. Will update when I get it as Christmas time might impact that too.

Hope this helps!

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