Question about Venezuelan National With US C1/D Visa

So my friend is a Venezuelan with a valid VZLA passport. She is working on a cruise ship out of the US and currently has the C1/D visa.

She wants to apply for a tourist visa to the US and the embassies in Venezuela are closed. The US has allowed Venezuelans to go to any embassy or consulate in other countries but she will already be in the US when her contract ends. Her goal is a B1 tourist visa for now.

I see that the C1/D visa gives 29 days to leave the country. Does that mean that she could travel to Washington DC from Florida, by car or plane, and start the process for a US tourist visa as well as visas for a few other countries as long as she leaves within the 29 days? Or does the visa not allow her to travel away from her home port?

The wording is a little bit confusing to me and we just want to be 100% sure. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks

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