Police Clearance in US from Abroad - EB3

Hello All,

I have my i-140 approved, and am preparing to do consular processing through NVC. The lawyer asked me to fill out a template of the ds-260 and prepare a few documents. One of them is a Police Clearance for any place I have lived more than 6 months since 16. Anyway, I’m in another country (that’s why consular processing) but need a police clearance since I have lived many years in the U.S. Apparently, that’s a requirement from the NVC. I researched, but did not find conclusive information on how to do it.

Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you!

Another question, this is less pressing. There was a miscommunication in my case, the law firm thought we were applying I-485, but I was actually doing consular, I-824. I-140 approved. They already changed course and said it was all good, but are taking a while to get NVC started. Does he need to wait for something to be generated automatically? I’m just wondering if he is waiting on something, or it’s just the holidays delaying things. I have not finished the ds-260 information he requested, but I thought he could get started on the NVC at least. Let me know if I’m missing something… I’m ROW. Thanks! (I might just be getting anxious as well)

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