Pending I-140 and travel while F1

Hello everyone,

I am about to start an EB-2 NIW application with a lawyer.

I asked him if there would be any problems traveling after filing the I-140 (if it demonstrates immigrant intent or not). I am on F-1 now.

He said that there will be no problems as the customs officers won’t be able to see that I applied for that. However, I read in different places that it will indeed demonstrate immigrant intent and I could have issues at the border. Does anyone have any info/input on this?

If it will become an issue I will delay the application as I travel 2/3 times a year out of the country and I don’t want to stop that (unless I would be waiting for the I-485, but he recommended not filing concurrently as I have a valid visa for 2 years)

Thank you

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