Pending Form I-130 (petition for alien relative) questions by CBP advice.

Hi all,

A little advice needed please. I became a citizen this year, following that I have submitted the Form I-130 to petition my Mom to get a green card. This has been pending since June.

She is traveling here (USA) next week and is anxious about CBP (Customs & Border Patrol) and what questions they may ask. She actually doesn’t have any intention of moving here long term once she has green card. With Covid and not being able to visit myself and my family for 2 years; we decided to go down the green card route so she can always get here. My Dad is still at home and they have a home and dogs etc, so no risk of overstaying or anything. She has a return flight booked early February.

Will they be able to see she has a pending petition in her name? How should she word it when disclosing it to them?

I’m probably way overthinking this. My Mum is a very nervous traveler so I’m trying to give her some solid advice.

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