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Nightmare Experience Recruiting with a Company for a TN Visa

I’m going to include a write up here as the mods removed my previous post for just having the link, but you can read the post above for a TL:DR. I appreciate any shares or likes on my post to get more eyes on my situation.

TL:DR of the TL:DR- Canadian citizen who’s lived in the U.S. for 15 years, who lets HR/recruiters know of his visa status has 4 months of his time wasted when the company decides they don’t want to support his visa after all, when they were fully aware from the start. Pulling their previous offer and sending a canned rejection email after months of recruiting. All because of a visa that requires no cost, for a role that doesn’t have any need for hard citizenship or security clearance.

Here’s the longer version- this entire process lasted four months. I was contacted on September 1st by a recruiter about a solutions architect role, I promptly send my resume, and in writing the recruiter also states a salary of 120k. She asks me about my visa status, and I fully make her aware of my status as a Canadian, in writing on e-mail.

She submits as a candidate, and I interview for the position a week later. I believe I have a great interview, but then suddenly I hear nothing.

A month goes by, still nothing, and then finally the recruiter comes back and calls me saying the hiring manager was ghosting me because there were internal candidates they were preferential towards, but because that fell through they want me to interview with someone else from the team. I interview with him, and that goes great as well.

Cue interview then with the hiring manager, and then one more with the manager of my manager, and then another one with my hiring manager, and finally I am told I am receiving a verbal offer. Keep in mind in interviews as well I was fully forthcoming about my visa and my recruiter has made it very clear as well. I have proof of this stated from her on texts.

The recruiter tells me they’re interested but because of my “experience” they’re now targeting a salary of 90 - 100k.

I told them fine, and asked very politely for a 100k salary. They agreed, and said they wanted me in the office ASAP. I said sure, but I’m moving from Chicago, and being 23, I don’t have funds to support myself to move that fast, could they give me a relocation bonus or any support? Nope, they said that the first document the recruiter sent me about the role states in fine print no relocation is offered. I honestly was planning to sell my crypto holdings to move!

Once again I agreed (I was desperate, I needed a job that worked with my visa to stay in the U.S. and this seemed perfect), and then they send an offer letter to me. As a Canadian citizen, I would work on a TN visa, which literally just requires an offer letter which you take to the border and you’re good to go after getting stamped- it’s very simple.

I even let the team know I was willing to pay for my own lawyer for any outside legal fees, but I just needed a detailed offer letter from them that clearly describes the job responsibilities. The offer letter they send me has none of that.

I call HR and my manager, an explain to them what it is that I needed, I told them it could even literally just be copy and pasting the Likedin bullet points for the job posting. The hiring manager emails me on Nov. 11 saying she would be working with the immigration team on getting the TN visa.

I hear nothing back for two weeks, and I then follow up again, only to receive a canned rejection letter from the hiring manager. She says they can’t do the TN visa and wishes me the best of luck. My recruiters are shocked, it made no sense as they’ve worked with MS extensively and have processed thousands of TN visas. They couldn’t give me a reason why the company was doing this to me.

It feels strange, because through this process I almost feel like the crazy one, but I guess that happens when someone gaslights you the way I have been for four months.

I have now been ghosted by the recruiters and Morgan Stanley. Funny side story but another recruiter had reached out to me about a different role for Morgan Stanley in NYC during this process, with a completely different hiring manager, and she messaged me on LinkedIn now saying the HM wasn’t interested anymore because she had read my post on LI, and didn’t want to hire me now.

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