Needing advice IR1 situation

Hello everyone,

Sorry for grammer mistakes as English is not my first language. I need some expert advice on how to proceed. Here is a quick summary of our situation;

  • My wife is US citizen and I am Turkish
  • We met when I was an J-1 exhange student between 2016-2017 at Texas. I finished my contract and left USA without staying illegally. After that, we didn’t end our relation as she traveled to Turkey and Qatar 5 times while she was studying to visit me.
  • I got a job offer from Qatar and moved in here on 2017 living here since then as an expat.
  • We applied for KR1 which was approved but we never received the actual papers as they stuck with post office and showed as delivered.
  • My wife graduated on 2019, we got married on June 2019. We informed the embasy in Qatar about our status change and canceled our KR1 application.
  • She moved to Qatar on 2019 as a resident and we are living together as she is under my sponsorship.
  • We have no kids.

So here are the questions we will need advice - We are both not happy with our jobs. Do you think it will be better for us to quit and go to Turkey, do our application there and stay with my family until it’s finalizes? - Or should we start our application in Qatar and stay here until it finalizes? - Another possibility of her getting a job back in USA and start process where she lives in USA and I live in Qatar or Turkey? - Is it recommended to get a consoltatuon from an immigration lawyer or we can get everything done ourselves? (While we were applying for KR1, we did everything ourselves and it got approved)

Thank you so much in advance!!

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