My wife says she was going to a new gym, but then went to her green card medical exam, is that weird?

The PR medical exam and interview are coming up. We’re not getting along. I feel the relationship is just passionless, long story.

The day before her exam she said she’s going to a new gym and then to the office to work…in reality she was going to the of exam at 7am (exam at 730) I ask where are you going..she refused to say the exam…eventually she admitted it..but said that i have mental illness the fact that I am paranoid the relationship. Also that she is putting more work into the relationship than I.

I’m from US/ her Canada via Morocco. We’re living and working in Canada right now She is trying to get her Canadian PR, but since we married, we applied to get her US PR too, as I don’t want to live in Canada long term

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