K1 Visa Confusion, I'm feeling a bit lost

My partner (US) and I (SXM) filled out and completed form I-129f and are about to submit it to start the screening process. I understand that before moving forward at all the visa petition would need to be approved, however, something has me a bit dumbstruck. I live on a small island in the Caribbean and don't have a US Embassy on my island. As such, I'd need to travel to a neighboring island for my screening. Will I be able to choose which country with a US Embassy to go to or will it be chosen for me? And would I be able to schedule the dates with the Embassy or would a date be given to me? Being in SXM I have a couple of options, but some are much better than others both financially and for safety.

My other concern is related to the medical examination. Would I need to travel to a foreign country with an approved clinic to take the examination way before my interview? Or do I take the examination in conjunction with my interview (albeit at a bit of a later time for the results to process for the interview).

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. The process for us has just started but I'm already feeling really stressed and overwhelmed by it since the wording of everything seems so cryptic haha. Thank you for taking the time to read this

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