K1 Fiancé visa mental health problems

My boyfriend and I want to apply for a fiancé visa so I can move to the US and live with him, I'm currently living in Germany. So there's gonna be a medical exam that I'm gonna have to do and I read that they're also gonna evaluate my mental health. I suffer from anxiety and possibly depression, I don't have a confirmed diagnosis though, the only thing I have is a suspected diagnosis for Borderline Personality Disorder, but not confirmed. I also have some scars on my leg from self harm, which I'm not doing anymore. And along with the suspected BPD diagnosis my therapist wrote down "unhealthy drug abuse" (weed). This was a year ago, I stopped smoking a few months ago and I'm doing drug tests for my therapist to prove it. And in general I am doing good, my only problem is anxiety. So my question is, could this affect my visa and could they deny me because of that? I am not a threat to my self and others and I'm in therapy and doing good. Does anybody have some advice for the medical exam?

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