Just finished H4 visa interview what are my chances if i have an arrest record (no convictions) from 10 and 15 years ago?

This is a US visa. Here is some context, my spouse has been on an H1b visa for around 3-4 years now and has just renewed for 3 more years. I also have a valid B1 visa which was issued 4 years ago. That B1 visa was initially refused twice and then finally accepted. The H4 interview itself was cordial and quick, I wasn’t asked about any of the other stuff i was expecting like financial situation, or proof of marriage , just basic questions “how did you meet? How long you’ve been married?” . Then the arrest records came up and I was requested to send additional documents which I did. Both of my charged were eventually dropped/dismissed. What should I be expecting?

And if I get refused what are my options?

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