ITIN help for foreign spouse

I recently got married to a foreigner who lives in India. We are starting to work on the Visa process, but she does not currently have one. With the new tax year approaching, I have been researching how to obtain an ITIN number for her and it’s really confusing me. I plan on filing married filing jointly as she has no income or investments, so it would be beneficial for us.

From what I have read I need to have a certified copy of her passport to attach along with my tax filings or mail in her original passport along with my tax return.

I am currently in India with her and plan on returning to the states at the end of December, so I do have access to her passport and can take it home with me if required so that I can mail it in with my tax return, however, I am not sure if that is even an option since she has never visited the US before. Also, I really would like to avoid taking her ID with me if all possible.

With that being said does anyone know where we can obtain a certified copy of her passport that the IRS will accept? I have no idea how to go about obtaining this here.

Please help!

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