In the process of H1B renewal, should I wait to apply for Green Card or can I apply? (US)


I am currently on H1B visa in the US and it is valid until March 2022. My employer applied for an extension for it, so I can get H1B renewal for another 3 years but I just got the receipt notice on Nov 18th. Current processing times for a normal application (without premium processing) at the service center location I have is about 4-6 months. I got married to my partner last month and we were wanting to apply for a Green Card through marriage sooner than later.

Should I wait 4-6 months until my H1B renewal is approved and I have the approval notice or can my husband start my application for the PR right away?

We are worried about H1B renewal being affected by the new application. I want to be able to work without any gaps.

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