I'm Considering petitioning for a K-1 visa for my girlfriend and i'm looking to gather information / advice

So i've known this girl for about 3 years now and we've met a couple of times. This whole year we've been in love and talk constantly every day but she's from colombia and that raises a huge problem because the Colombia tourist visa Interview line is over 700 days. I make enough money to sponsor her although due to heavy payments/investments lately (but temporarily) my current balance (though not negative ) might not reflect that (24k in the bank i think it was ? ) my weekly/yearly income for sure does. Anyways I was thinking of petitioning her to get a K-1 visa to bring her over to see if she likes the country to stay but i read she'll be stuck here for a good year or more after without being able to leave or see her family again ouch! then the other visa if i get married to her over there i heard takes super long ? but is that one more viable for her if she wants to have the freedom to go back and forth ? I myself being from an immigrant and hispanic family understand the need to go back home a few days and see the family. I also was wondering if it's possible for her to apply for the tourist Visa, while i petition her for the K-1 visa and at the same time the student visa ( the F - 1 i think ? ) so she can come develop her English earlier before moving if she decides to after experiencing the country.

Also bonus question, she has some minor debt ( at least here it would be ) she got scammed on years ago and she's working on paying off someone else's debt basically, it's less than 2k dollars. Would this deny her any visa ? I offer to pay it for her but she refuses to let me help her with it unless absolutely necessary because she wants to be responsible for her mistake.

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