I am a Canadian who has been in the USA for over 10 years with an expired tourist visa and I no longer have any valid form of photo identification and no way to get it

Hey to anyone reading this and might have some knowledge.

I feel like I am not a person and haven't been for many years and so I am trying to regain my identity, emotionally and tangibly.

The issues.... My passport expired in 2014, my tourist visa expired in 2010, my provincial drivers license photo ID expired, I think, in 2009 or sooner but I still have it.

I don't have a SIN card nor do I remember the number for sure.

I can't get confirmation of my SIN without valid photo ID.

I have my long form birth certificate.

But to get a renewed passport I need valid ID, which I don't have.

I only have two very expired forms of ID, being my passport and provincial ID.

So I need valid ID in order to get valid ID.

I need valid ID to get my SIN.

Please help me

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