How to mail my AOS application?

Hello! Today is a very exciting day cause I am mailing my AOS application to USCIS (and beginning the loooong wait). I was wondering how you guys would recommend mailing it?

I am submitting i130, i485, i765 and i131 with all of their supporting documents and evidence, so the application is very bulky. (Its about 3.5 cm thick with everything stacked up together). I have colored dividers which separate each part of the application (i have a divider for the i130, one for i485, and one for both the i765 and i131 (they go together cause theyre pretty small).

Ive seen a lot of people submitting AOS but they put each section (for example, the i130 and all its supporting documents) in a separate envelope, and then have one for the i485 ect. And I dont have any envelopes big enough for them at home, so I was just wondering if it is okay to send the whole application in one envelope (even though each form is clearly separated with its own fastener, divider and cover letter)? Would that be okay? Or do i need to put each of them in a separate envelope and then all together in one big one? Hopefully that makes sense!

Also, I have only mailed something like once or twice before, so can I just go to the post office and buy a priority mail envelope there? Do I just write the USCIS PO box address on the front and my return address on the back? Is that all I should do? Sorry for all the questions i just dont want to make any mistakes!

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