How long does it take to get my visa after administrative processing?

I had my consular interview for my green card application last May. Due to my previous visa, I need to finish my homestay until Dec 2021. The immigration officer approved my application but I later received in the mail my passport along with the 221 g letter. It states that they cannot issue my visa at the moment because of my homestay and to submit my passport in Dec 2021.

Aside from the passport, they have not asked me to submit anything. My lawyer is positive that it will not take long since we have everything in place (approved I-130 and all).

Fast forward to Dec 2021, I submitted my passport to the embassy. They received my passport since the "case was last updated" in CEAC changed to Dec 2, 2021. I have been waiting for 2 weeks now and getting anxious to get it. My husband wants to see me this Christmas so I am eager to get my visa and immediately fly to be with him.

I have scoured the internet, probably read all articles related to administrative processing, and they all have one in common: the process could take 60 days. But this seems like pre-pandemic so I am not sure if this is still accurate. None of the cases I have read is similar to mine so it's not particularly helpful.

Is there anyone who recently had to go through administrative processing and what is your experience? Did it take long before you got your visa?

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