Fraudulent marriage

Timeline of events. (1)On 05/26/2021 We had our 1st scheduled interview at 8:40am at the Citizenship and Immigration service's.

This is where it all starts to change with my wife. (2)On 08/09/2021 6:18pm. My wife starts accusing me and my son for taking her shampoo out of our shower. (I have all this in text messages of her accusing my son and I, repeatedly) This goes on for 2 days.

(3)The week of 09/06/2021(Not sure the correct date) My wife comes home from work and I'm in the kitchen and she pulls out a piece of paper and she shows me and it reads "I'm a single Lady" in her handwriting in English. I brought this up to her in a text message on 09/14 at 8:02am.Telling her I don't like that you're walking around with that note in your pocket. She says to me it was a joke. (I have this all in a text messages)

(4)On 10/08/2021 9:56am. My wife texted me accusing me that I took her wedding rings off her nightstand. She accused me and then she tried to accuse my 14 year old son who I have custody of. I put pressure on my son because I'm thinking to myself why would my 49 year old wife hide the rings? I searched the bedroom up and down the day after she accused us. She even got to the point when she said a ghost took them. This went on in a text thread accusing me and my son up until 10/14/2021 when I opened a drawer in the bedroom where I go in every day and there are her wedding rings. They just magically appeared.

(5)So with the hiding of the shampoo and the note of "I'm a single lady" and now the missing rings. It clearly shows that my wife was trying to push my buttons and cause me to react and I didn't fall for it. What it did do was cause psychological and mental abuse. She is definitely a narcissist.

(6)On 10/19/2021 in the evening my wife comes home with a police officer escorting her belongings out of the condo. My son and I were in total shock. My wife never said a single word to me. She just left the marriage and didn't come back.

(7)On 10/21/2021 in the morning, My wife goes to the post office and opens up a PO box and changes her address.

(8) 10/21/2021 in the afternoon she visits a domestic violence shelter called the Harbor House.

(9)On 11/03/2021 I filed for divorce

(10)On 11/03/2021 While filing for divorce I was handed a temporary Restraining Order from the Orange County Sheriff's Office in Orlando Florida. My wife was accusing me of Domestic Violence.

On 11/10/2021 we had the hearing but it got postponed until 11/19/2021 due to the judge not having the time to hear the case.

On 11/19/2021 the hearing started and My wife was NOT granted the permanent Injunction. She had no evidence to prove these allegations. She didn't have any doctor's notes. No police records. No photos. She had a lawyer also. She had ZERO evidence. All lies to try and gain Permanent Resident green card. I believe her plan backfired.

(11)I feel my wife was abusing me by using me for marriage. She caused emotional and psychological abuse and financial harm to me.

(12)I'm afraid of her and what depth she would go to to prove abuse to the VAWA now.

(13) She also has 5 alias. I have photo copies of different mail that has come to my house.

(14) I have a copy of a bank statement I took a picture of back before we got married and I saw a Venezuela males name also linked to her account. I questioned her and she replied back to me saying it was a friend. I told her that I wasn't going to marry her if there is another guy on her account. She went to go remove it. (Angel Casiano Rocha Nunez) Could she be married? On top of being married to me?

(15) I've been married to my wife for almost 2yrs now 12/13/2021 and she never learned how to speak English. We used google translate.

Update….now I know she filed abuse under VAWA.

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