Form I 129S - blanket L petition wrong box ticked

I am looking to see if anyone here has had a similar experience. This morning I had my interview at the US embassy for my L1-B visa. The interview with the consulate officer only lasted a few minutes. Since my job title includes supervisor he asked whether this meant I had managerial experience, which I do. He then said I was good to go and stamped the document. Once I left and checked the documents I noticed that he had ticked the Manager/Executive box at the top of the form. The petition was for an L1-B visa, the second page of the form has the Specialized Knowledge box ticked since this was populated by the lawyers.

Is this a mistake that will have to be fixed or is it not going to cause any issues? The form contains a stamp that says approved, they also kept my passport which I should get back early next week. It took ages to get here, I hope this isn't going to set me back...

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