Filing an I-130 overseas (China) and address questions

I'm a US citizen with a wife who is a Chinese national. I currently live and work full time in China and haven't been home for years.

I can't seem to find a clear answer for these potential problems searching here or elsewhere-

Will filing online be a problem if I am based overseas?
If so how and what can I do to rectify that? I really want to file online because it seems like the most convenient way, but I'm concerned the option might not be available to Americans overseas, though I can't find anything saying it isn't. (If it isn't an option that's unbelievably frustrating)

Additionally, due to the very different nature of the language and address format, I can't seem to fit my full Chinese address in the online form, there's not enough character spaces.
Can I just fill it out to the best extent and then attach a file with the full address written in both English and Chinese with a note explaining such? Since I'm filing online will they need to send me anything physically in the mail after the application is accepted?
The physical form isn't any better for the address field since the space is equally tiny on the paper form, I can't type it on a PDF and I can't physically write it small enough.

Thanks a lot for any help!

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