Family petition - replacing a family member

Hi All,

I am hoping someone on this forum can help me with this question I have in regards to family petition. My brother (USC) petitioned for my father few years ago who is in our home country and recently his visa number just became available.My mother who is a green card holder filed a petition for me (over 21 years old, never married) and the current wait time is about 5 years. I am a Daca holder living in the US, visa overstay without unlawful presence.
My family is wondering if we can replace my father's spot since his visa number is available with me so I wouldn't need to wait 5 or more years. Is that possible? I've contacted our lawyer but still waiting to hear back. My father no longer wants to immigrate here (he is already retired) so he could potentially give up his visa number.

Thank you.

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