Expediting Visa for Spouse

I've been married for almost 5 years (together for 9) to my spouse who is from Argentina. We are in Mexico, he has a work visa here (I'm American). We've applied for his tourist visa (we're not trying to move back to the states right now, I say back because we met there when he was on a temporary work/travel visa) but the appointment isn't until 2023. My grandmother is dying and he's never met her, but I don't think that qualifies for expedited appointment as it's not his mother in law, but his grandmother in law. There are other reasons for an emergency/expedited appointment, but I'm not sure which one(s) are qualifying vs what I THINK should be qualifying. I haven't been able to talk to a lawyer who seems to understand what I need help with. I clearly haven't found a decent one yet, this whole process is overwhelming. And I do not want to have him apply for expedited, only to have it denied and not be able to get a tourist visa for another 2 years. I feel kind of at a loss and any help or guidance would be really appreciated.

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