End of employment with an employer on STEM OPT - What do I have to report as a student and what does my former employer need to report?


I recently came to the end of an employment opportunity. I reported my unemployment to my DSO and am currently back in job search. I submitted the final evaluation on my school's portal.

My former employer is relatively new to the STEM OPT process, so I just wanted to ensure that they are meeting their reporting requirements. I found some stuff online that indicates that when a student's employment ends before their authorized extension period, the employer has to inform the DSO as well.

But I am confused on whether this applies to this particular case. In the diagram, they seem to indicate that "Report a change of student’s legal name, residential or mailing address, employer name or address, and/or loss of employment to DSO " is the responsibility of the student alone. The "loss of employment" applies in this case.

On the other hand, this seems to indicate otherwise, requiring both the student and the employer to notify the DSO.

So which is it? Is my employer also required to inform my DSO, or is it sufficient for my final evaluation to be submitted by me?

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