EB3 Category visa help

Hello, I am from Bangladesh I am 26 and don't have any education certificate to apply for an F1 category visa. The only thing I found that suits me is EB3 (Unskilled Visa) and it takes time and money and patience. Anyone who has applied or went there from a foreign country please share your experience.

I am thinking of applying and the agency that is trusted here is asking for 20k USD which will be into 4 installments another one I found is based on the US is BDV solution but the problem is they are charging more and have no refund policy.

I am looking for help in any way as much as possible. Like how can I trust the agency how to know if they apply for my LC. How can I make the time sooner using premium services etc.

I will be keeping this post until I reach or to the last of my EB3 process.

Thank You

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