Does Microsoft sponsor H1b for internationals residing in the US?

So, I am an international student in this country and recently graduated from college. I have gotten a job offer from Microsoft last month and I am wondering if there will be a problem for me to work there on STEM opt? When I filled out the application I said I won't need any future sponsorship from the company as I have other ways to get naturalized after a few years. They don't know my immigration status yet and am very worried if they will withdraw my offer if they come to know I am not a US citizen? Also, when they do the background check can they find out about the immigration status of the person? According to USCIS's website, they don't reveal any immigration status of a person to a company when they do the e-verify. I don't have any intention of hiding my immigration status and I know I can't. But is this going to be an issue? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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