Crossing into the US from Canada after ESTA denied

Hi. I’m a Schengen country citizen who is not eligible for an ESTA due to my previous travel history (Iran in 2018), and in due course received a rejection when I applied for an ESTA. The US Embassy in my home country is not processing B2 visas due to Covid. Yet, I am desperate to visit my American partner for Christmas.

I know one technically can fly to Canada from Europe and cross the land border without an ESTA if one comes from a Schengen country. I would in that case be seeking to cross the border by car together with my American partner, who will have driven up from New York to pick me up.

So I’m wondering something quite specific: does anyone from a Schengen country have experience crossing into the US from Canada via the land border - after having been to Iran or one of the other countries the US creates a fuzz about?

Thank you!

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