Can I ask for LGBT based asylum, do I have a chance to win? PLS give an advice

I'm open bisexual in the country where LGBT rights are discriminated, there are the federal law against LGBT and generally people are very homophobic... There's a high rate of LGBT cases approved from this country. I was beaten up and one time I even was barely killed (documents from the hospitals I can provide)... The thing I'm sorry about is that I can't really prove everyday discrimination (I don't record everybody who insults me for wearing pride shirt), I don't really have screenshots where I was insulted (yet), don't have non political arrsts AND I wasnt persecuted by the government, police or other federals... The people who beat me were just average people homophobes, police just refused to do anything with it and I don't have evidence on their refuse either... All I have is a fact of being beaten, photos of me wearing a pride thing, maybe a couple of screenshots of smb telling me bad things, general fact about how homophobic this country is and that's about it... Do I have a chance if I wasn't persecuted by the federals but by the people? Do people go for asulym without government persecution but being open LGBT... I mean I have a fear of the past where I was discriminated by Non government people and I have a fear of it continuing in the future.... Do I have a chance? can't find any example of a successful LGBT case... Thanks

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