B2 visa for child to visit father in US with a pending COS from B2 to F1 in US?

Hello! I have a friend who is traveling the US (until March w 6 month B2) who just decided he wants to stay for school and will be applying for a COS to F-1.

He has an 8 y/o daughter in Brazil who lives with her Mother (parents are divorced) and wants her to be able to visit especially since the COS will probably take a year to get approved and he'll be landlocked. He was also in the US in 2018 and wanted her to visit so they could go to Disney but her B2 visa was denied (214b). Note, she had applied to travel here with her mother but that's all I know.

Any tips on getting her visa approved this time?

Would it help for her to apply with a different relative (paternal aunt or grandmother) so her mother would be considered a reason for her to return?

Or better to apply with her mother if she has stronger ties/reason to return than other relatives?

Would applying before or after his COS application is submitted make a difference?

Any extra documents we should submit like, her school tuition being paid in advanced, etc?

She's obsessed with Disney and he would love the opportunity to take her so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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