Asking this on behalf of a friend - H4 EAD


I am on H4 visa with Current I-797A valid until April 2022 Current I-94 cut short to July 2021 (due to passport expiry) at port of entry Filed for H4 extension after 3 months of I-94 expiration(on Nov-04) with Nunc Pro Tunc New I-797A and I-94 approved with validity start date April 2022 Break/gap in I-94 from aug 2021 - march 2022. Question :

Is my current stay legal or not? Is there a way I can update my I-94 to accommodate the gap(aug 2021 - march 2022)? or do I even have to? What does start date mean on I-94(attached to I-797)? Anyone in the same boat, please share your experience.

 PS - I do not have valid stamped H-4 VISA (it expired in Dec-2020)

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