As a candian citizen, best way to work in the states without having company go through hoops to sponsor me?

Edit: sorry, in title I meant "Canadian"*

Context: Software Eng. university student in Canada

I mean, as a canadian citizen, is it easy to get dual citizenship for the states, or something else, so I can freely apply to all US companies and be willing to relocate?

I have found even after applying to many internships in the US, a lot of companies just drop my application even after going through the stages due to them not wanting to sponsor a work visa or whatever so I can work there for 3 months.

I have found opportunities and pay way better in the states, compared to here. In the likes of FAANG companies, the opportunities for a student is far greater having the ability to work in the US without company help to sponsor. This applies specifically because i'm a student, and these companies want to hire students currently, not when they have graduated for example (well, yes, they're always hiring, but its far easier to get in as a student)

So my question is, is there a way as a student I can sort of get a visa or ability to work out there, by applying somewhere, during my Uni career, such that companies don't have to help? Such that i'm free to apply to all the jobs and not have a company backtrack my profile because they'd have to sponsor my work visa?

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