Applying J1 Visa after I just applied Diversity Visa Lottery 2023

Hi, I create this account to find some insight related to DV lottery visa. I Already applied for DV lottery 2023 and a few weeks later from DV lottery application, I received a sponsor for my J1 Visa and currently waiting my J1 visa interview. After reading some more information regarding DV lottery, I regretted that I submit my application as I'm under the impression of it would pose risk of my pose risk of my possibility getting J1 visa. I do not intend to immigrate to US sooner or later (circumstances may change) since I submit DV lottery based on little knowledge I have and a last minute invitation from my friend to apply. This happen before I got sponsored for J1. I do not plan to misuse my J1 visa stay period as I would return to my home country to pursue a a management degree in Australia. My questions:

  1. Per your knowledge, does it affect my eligibility to obtain J1 visa this time?
  2. Do any of you ever has similar circumstances with the case like this and how is the result?
  3. Is my DV lottery submission would be known by the embassy officials during the interview? If they asked what kind of answer should I prepare?

Thanks in advance

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