Advice needed please


I have a few different questions.

My boyfriend and I have spoken about getting married in the future, he lives in the US and I’m in the U.K. I’ve read a lot of posts about the k1 visa taking a long time and having to jump through a lot of hoops to get anywhere. That’s my worry. I’ve also read about people spontaneously getting married when they are on a tourist visa and changing their status later. My worry is, he has a criminal record and I’m not sure if something like that would go against our plan to be together. What do people suggest in this situation?

We would also like my mum to be with us, but it looks like I would only be able to sponsor her if I’m a citizen? Is there any other way around it?

My other questions are also visa related, If someone wishes to setup a charity in the US. Which visa would they be able to apply to? I’ve tried to look this up online and I can’t really find much information on creating a charitable organisation there as a non citizen.

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