485 RFE issued, denied after a few days.

My 485 had been pending for a long time (4 years after applied, 3 years after our interview). After many attempts to contact USCIS on status, last week the status changed to - review. Then after few days we received a RFE asking for my wife to send photos/marriage certificates and child's birth certificate. (We have been married 12+ years). Anyways today I see our application has been denied. I have not received the reasons. This is so strange, we have absolutely no reason we see why they would deny. I almost think it's some kind of mistake that USCIS thinks we have not responded to the RFE (sent 3 days ago?). I am scrambling to respond the RFE, don't know how to label the photos? whether to send the original birth certificate or notarized... etc. And now this.
Can USICS deny without waiting for the RFE response, could this be a mistake?

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