25F Georgia -> need to move anywhere

Okay so just in case I’ll explain that my country isn’t part of EU or any other organization be it european or asian so we get none of the benefits and also our currency is 1GEL - 0.32$/ 0.28€. I cannot stay here anymore as I just cannot see myself becoming anything in a very small country filled with nepotism and corruption sexism and other personal reasons. I have bachelors degree in business but my GPA is 2.7 as I was working full time since I was 18 to pay 50% tuition and also saved up the money and bought an apartment for my family/parents. I do regret that now but it doesn’t matter. I have different experiences from administrative assistant, to IT project manager, ERP analyst, Consultant in Geneva, freelancing with digital marketing and social media design, also deeply involved with local blockchain start up which won swiss Cv vc where I managed the founding team and everything in general, as they didn’t have management experience, did their UI/UX got contracted by USAID etc. I also know English, French and Russian. The thing is that I only have around $8k that’s it. Because of well a lot of expenses for the family when my dad had cancer etc etc. I’ve always dreamed of studying abroad and really want to do master’s but i have very low gpa and no money so my options are limited and almost non existent. I thought at least germany would work but I read that I need around 10k to put down monthly to earn student visa which I think is crazy. I’m trying to get certified in scrum and UX AS WELL PROJECT MANAGEMENT to add to my cv. At this point I’m just very sad, disappointed and lost as it’s becoming much painful each day to live here and I have no clue where I can go as Georgian citizens are not needed nor welcomed in the world, help and benefits or scholarships are non existent as well. Any suggestions what I can do to improve my chances or where can I even go from here?

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