Rejected due to immigration going to the United States from Canada because I didn’t have an O1 visa

So here’s the full story. I already planned a trip going to Atlanta for music because I had recently been signed to a music label. The only problem is that the moment I mentioned that I was going there to “work” on music they instantly asked if I had a work visa. I told them I didn’t have one and explained that I’m not making money there like a 9-5 job and not payed a salary (I was only staying there for 3 weeks). My initial goal was to work with the many artists there to make music then to go back home to Canada. Now since they had rejected me from crossing, they also recorded the whole situation.

My questions are?

  1. Should I have just said it was for leisure instead of work?

  2. If I try to get in a couple months from now will that record show in their files if I do say it’s for leisure now (because technically it is, i’m not getting payed at all when i’m there)

I’m just frustrated because now I missed out on so many opportunities because of this.

Thank you

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