expedited appointments at the US embassy/consulates in Canada - Toronto in particular

I am waiting on my H-1B cap exempt visa approval (should arrive this week). I live and work in Toronto atm.

My anticipated start date is September 27. I think that is probably impossible to get the entire process (book an interview appointment, then request an expedited appointment - soon but not too soon as I need to receive in the mail the paperwork from the US - then receive my passport back in the mail) on time for me to be on US soil by September 27.

I would love to hear if someone is / has recently been in a similar position. Specifically:

  1. has anybody recently asked for an expedited appointment at the US consulate of Toronto? For what visa? How close was the start date of the school/job (to get an idea of how urgent the appointment was)? Was the appointment offered or denied?
  2. Specifically in Toronto, how long does it take to get your passport back in the mail, from the date of the interview?
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