Rejected I539 for B2 visa - please help!

My parents were visiting the US on a visitor (B2) visa, but couldn't leave due to the ongoing pandemic. Their stay was authorized till August 2020, and we filed the extension in July 2020. We received a notice for the biometrics appointment in February 2021 - however, my parents left the US in January 2021, a month before we got the appointment notice.

We received a letter last week (August 2021) stating that the I 539 was rejected because we missed the biometrics appointment. I want to make sure that we won't have any trouble when my parents try to visit the US again.

We had called USCIS back in February as soon as we received the biometrics notice and they said that it was okay to miss it since they had already left the country by then, and the agent over the phone assured us that we just had to bring the appointment notice which had proof that the letter was sent after we had already left the country. I am not so sure if that was the right advice. Please help! How do I confirm that we won't have any issues, or if we will, how do I rectify it? Should I file a form I290B?

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