UK Embassy appointments/or can I apply for my visa in another country

Hi, I used to be on a H2b visa in the USA before Covid hit and I came home. Now my job has offered me another H2b position, in which their petitions should get approved in the next two ish weeks so I can file.

My issue is that due to Coronavirus and the Travel bans the UK Embassy are only taking emergency appointments, has anyone applied for an appointment lately and knows the wait times (I saw some saying a B2 earliest was March😬 but that's a visitor visa). Specially on visas that involve working would be helpful, exempt ones also?

My start date is the beginning of October and I cannot see being able to get a visa in that time likely, on top of that there is a travel ban so I'd have to go to a third country for 14 days prior to entering the United States.

I have researched Embassies in other countries that will take Third Country Nationals (non citizens) but the only one I can seem to find is Romania, this is also exempt from the Travel ban so I could possibly go there for my visa in whilst waiting 15 days before entering the states... has anyone ever done this? Someone I was told about just got an O visa in Romania but was from the Netherlands so I assume it might be possible... please let me know.

I don't understand why companies and agencies would hire out of country if the employees can't get there are all. I've been waiting to go back since I set foot in England so desperately want to be there this season.

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