Can we get GCs with DV lottery and pending i-539?

My wife and I are in US on my L1B visa (her visa is L2). She won the 2022 DV lottery and her number is quite low (EU3****). Obviously we want to apply for change of statuses as soon as her number is current.

The issue is that our statuses expire soon (before the new fiscal year). My company applied i-129 for me with premium processing and i-539 for my wife.
As we got to know i-539 processing will likely take a lot of time (we were told 10 months or more) and during this time my wife’s status will be not “lawful presence”, but “authorized stay”.

How does it affect the change of status process?
Can we apply i-485, go for the interview and receive green cards with pending i-539?

Thank you!

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