GF opt expires March 2022 (pushing marriage)

I knew eventually I would have to marry her to stay together here in america. I currently live with my parents, for the past year she would stay over and live with my family in my room fridays and weekends. Overall she gets along well my grandma loves her and my mom and dad seem okay, but at first very worried that she was using me for green card.

So after I year of living together and open communications. I will marry her in September and we will have to go over the green card process which I'm very worried about. We have only dated for 1.5 years and there is a chance my parents won't let us continue living with them so we should have to move out. I make about 46k and she makes about 30k and this whole process has been very nerve wracking. I will tell my parents some time this month about our marriage and there is a chance they won't approve, but if that's the case then we will have to make it on our own

Has anybody been though this? Any advice

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