Question regarding refused J1 visa

So on Aug 2 I had my appointment at the embassy (Frankfurt, Germany) for my J1 Visa. The officer told me that in general it is fine but that I had to show proof I receive credits at my home university for this research project. If I do that he said there should not be a problem with my visa. I immediately sent the requested document per mail but after almost a month I got no reply. That’s why I made a new appointment since I heard that the embassy sometimes takes months to reply to a mail, and made a new appointment for tomorrow to make my case in person. Just now I did finally receive a reply from the consulate to my mail saying that I do not quality for an NIE and my visa is refused under the presidential proclamation without further explanation.

So my question is, since I already booked that new appointment, does it make sense to go to the consulate tomorrow and make my case in person or is this a definite refusal? I don’t really get why it got refused since the officer told me I only need to show this one document and I’m fine.

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